Dutch Society for Stem Cell Research

DSSCR 2019

12th Dutch Stem Cell Meeting

May 17th 2019, UMCU, Utrecht


Kerstin Schneeberger

Large-scale production of LGR-5 positive bipotential human liver stem cells.

Judith Birkhoff

Dynamics of the chromatin landscape and protein partners that co-regulate ZEB2 levels and activities in pluripotent stem cells and Mowat-Wilson Syndrome.

Marije Koning

Efficient vascularization and maturation of human IPSC-derived kidney organoids upon transplantation in the coelomic cavity of chicken embryos.

Chet Loh

A Single-Cell a time – Unravelling the roles of Polycomb Group Proteins during early embryonic lineage commitment.

Susanne van den Brink

Spatial transcriptomics reveals conserved gene expression programs in mammalian gastruloids.

Gesa Tiemeier

Closing the mitochondrial permeability transition pore in hiPSC-derived endothelial cells induces glycocalyx formation and functional maturation.

Karina Brandao

Cardiomyocytes from a set of isogenic human IPSC lines harboring mutations in KCNH2 display differing disease phenotypes.

Suze Jansen

Cell Derived Interferon-gamma causes Intestinal Stem Cell Damage in Graft-Versus-Host Disease.

Pablo Herrero-Hernandez

Engineered human iPSC-derived skeletal muscles to model Pompe disease.

Keynote lectures

Kim Jensen

Biotech Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC) Copenhagen, Denmark.
At the origin of intestinal epithelial stem cells and beyond.

Nicolas Rivron

MERLN Institute and Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Synthetic development: embryo-like structures formed from stem cells.

Steve Pollard

Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Center, UK.
Defining the early transcriptional and epigenetic resetting that drives glioblastoma.

Alexander van Oudenaarden

Hubrecht Institute-KNAW, University Medical Center Utrecht & Utrecht University.
Whole-organism clone-tracing using single-cell sequencing.

The award winners

For the best presentation at the 12th Annual DSSCR Meeting 2019 are
Suze Jansen, Judith Birkhoff and Susanne van den Brink.