Dutch Society for Stem Cell Research

DSSCR 2012

5th Dutch Stem Cell Meeting

April 13 2012, Sanquin, Amsterdam


This year’s plenary lecture will be given by Hiro Nakauchi (University of Tokyo, Japan), entitled: “iPS technology and its future therapeutic potentials”.

Emma de Pater (EUR)

The timing of GATA2 function in hematopoiesis.

Sabrina Zeddies (Sanquin)

The transcription factor MEIS1 regulates early erythroid and megakaryocytic cell fate by upregulation of GATA1.

Karin Klauke (UMCG)

Polycomb Cbx orthologs mediate the switch between hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal and differentiation.

Claudia Brandao (Sanquin)

Central memory CD8 T cells regulate hematopoietic stem cell function.

Koen Schepers (UMCU)

Myeloproliferative neoplasms cause expansion of osteoblastic bone marrow niche cells that promote disease maintenance.

Monika Bialecka (Hubrecht)

Cdx2 is crucial for maintenance and proper differentiation of small intestinal stem cells.

Sabine Middendorp (UMCU)

The fate of adult mouse intestinal stem cells is intrinsically programmed and determines location-specific intestinal function.

Martti Maimets (UMCG)

Towards characterizing mouse salivary gland stem cells.

Cindy Loomans (Hubrechts)

Generation of human pancreatic organoids in a three dimensional culture system as a new source for beta cells.

Dorota Kurek (EMC)

Endogenous Wnt proteins induce spontaneous mesendoderm-like differentiation in epiblast and hESCs.

Yaser Atlasi (EMC)

Wnt signaling regulates lineage priming in mouse embryonic stem cells through Tcf3 down-regulation.

Matthew Birket (LUMC)

An important role for a mitochondrial regulator in determining hESC-derived cardiomyocyte identity.

Cheryl Dambrot (LUMC)

Human induced pluripotent stem cells as in vitro model for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Valeria Orlova (LUMC)

Endothelial cells from human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) as a model system to study vascular diseases.


Keynote lecture

Hiro Nakauchi (University of Tokyo, Japan)

iPS technology and its future therapeutic potentials